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Meet Sharon Garrett
Dip.CAH, P.N.L.P., Cert.E.Hyp, Cert.Anx.Spec, Cert.SCS 

Clinical Hypnotherapist &  NLP Practitioner

I completed my training in Hypnotherapy with the NZ School of Professional  Hypnotherapy and the UK Academy of therapeutic arts and sciences.  I hold Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy qualifications,  a Practitioners Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Specialist Hypnotherapy Certifications in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Smoking Cessation and Anxiety. 

In the 90s I hosted a weekly talk back radio show dedicated to health in Dubai and remembered how interesting I found one of my guests.  That guest was a lady called Beryl who shared details of her career using hypnosis to help people unlock their potential and even control pain.  This ignited my curiosity.


When I finally turned to hypnosis myself, with terrific results for pain management and stress, I decided this was the direction I wanted to pursue in order to help others be the best version of themselves.

I am proud to be a professional member of Hypnosis New Zealand and abide by their Code of Conduct.


What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis places you in a super relaxed, trance-like state which is a powerful tool that all human beings have the propensity to enter.  Hypnosis assists you to achieve heightened focus and greater awareness.


Our ‘normal’ day to day consciousness comprises different layers of trance that we move into and out of throughout the day.   

Day Dreaming 


Day dreaming is a great example of a natural trance that we enter frequently.  Likewise tasks like driving the car the same route day by day.  Have you ever arrived at your destination but not really recalled the drive itself, as if on auto pilot?  This is a form of natural trance in your waking state.

Using hypnotherapy techniques I am able to help you enter a trance state by guiding you through progressive relaxation (much like a guided meditation), where the beta brainwaves of your waking state, gradually change to slower alpha brainwaves where healing and learning occurs and then theta brainwave patterns consistent with a pre-sleep and pre-awakening state where deep and subconscious learning occurs. This is our mindzone for Hypnotherapy.  

I will not be hypnotising you to cluck like a chicken like you may have seen on stage shows or TV.   Though I may use rapid  induction methods to achieve the desired state of relaxation where you are accepting of suggestions.  

Pre-Sleep State for Subconscious Learning


The wonder of the theta brainwave pattern is that as your therapist, I am able to help you bypass any critical, disbelieving or analytical thoughts of your conscious mind to allow you to fully use your imagination to embrace suggestions to support your desired change.   These suggestions are formulated during your consultation about what you are hoping to achieve from your session/s.

Everyone is unique and as such different methods work more effectively for each person whether that be visualisation, story telling, metaphor, Neuro Linguistic Programming, direct suggestion or a combination of these. 

The Power of Suggestion to Effect Change 

I use these methods to replace any thinking patterns associated with habits that don’t serve you, with more useful beliefs to stimulate behavioural change.

Once the suggestions are made, your session will be closed bringing your brainwave patterns back to an awake state of beta alertness.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic pill.   You have everything you need to effect change within you, I will just help you discover the pathway to that change.    

Can Everyone be Hypnotised

Most people can be hypnotised but both you and your hypnotherapist need to be comfortable with each other.  If you're not comfortable you'll be unable to relax and follow the process and be open to the suggestions.  This is a very important consideration if you are planning to embark on hypnotherapy.   

I use clinical hypnosis as a therapy to help you achieve your goals and guide you through change.  Ultimately you know what you are most concerned about at a deep level, that wise place deep inside.  Ultimately most people know and I will guide you into tapping into your own knowing of how to resolve it.  My passion is to help you find your way.

What Will a Session be Like? 

We'll start with a little bit of chat to get a full understanding of what is going on.  Then we'll do a little relaxation using breathing and visualisation, and we'll do some hypnosis.   It's important for you to be ready to have a shift or change.    It's not going to work if you don't want it.   I can't make you do anything you don't want to do deep down.  You are ultimately in control.   

Buddha Statue

Hypnosis can help with...

Depression & Anxiety

Hypnosis achieves impressive results alleviating depression and feelings of anxiety. Combined with some simple tools and listening to take-home recordings you'll be surprised. 

Energy & Fatigue

Feeling exhausted all the time is no way to live.   Let me work with you to help you sleep better, awake feeling recharged and energised. 

Addiction to Sugar

Dependence on and addiction to sugar or even cola and energy drinks can be treated with Hypnosis working on triggers.  It's not magic but certainly will assist you once you've decided you truly want change.

Pain Management

Modern medicine tells us to treat pain with pharmaceuticals - sometimes achieving good results but over an extended period it's just not effective.   Hypnotherapy is a great choice if you want to tackle pain using the power of your subconscious. 

Weight Loss

Ask me about burying foods, adopting a healthier lifestyle with exercise and portion control as well as addressing your triggers.

Phobias & More

Hypnosis is a great tool to overcome fears and many other ailments.


If you have a concern and it's not listed here please ask me. 

Book a Session Today



45 mins

Is Hypnotherapy right for you?   Come along for a consultation.  We can talk about your concerns and I can give you a demo of how it feels to put you at ease if you decide you'd like to book a full session.

NZ $75 + GST



90 - 120 mins

After a detailed consultation Sharon will work with you to bury foods, habits and unhelpful emotions, fit your gastric band and work on self confidence.   Take home nightly recording to bury food included.

NZ $300+GST



60 - 75 mins

A detailed consultation with Sharon at MindZone will take up to 75 mins and includes evaluation, plan creation and a session.

NZ $150 + GST



up to 60 mins

Using both hypnosis and NLP tools Sharon will work with you to overcome your phobias.   Some phobias can be resolved in just one session, others may take a couple of sessions.   Each person is different.

NZ $125+GST



Up to 60 mins

Each person's circumstances are different.  Sometimes we may need a follow-up session or a refresher to stay on track.

NZ $125+GST

All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars and are subject to 15% GST.


Reviews & Testimonials

“I struggled with feelings of frustration and negative self-talk from undiagnosed ADD.  Sharon was a great help to me.”

— Matthew

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